Club Reno Wild


The Club Reno Wild slot machine is the successor to the popular Club Reno slot machine. It has become a triplet slot machine. That means you can play on as many as three slots at the same time.
Club Reno Wild is a straightforward, classic slot machine. For each spin, you can earn up to 50 times your bet. And all at a payout rate of 96.1%.

How does the Club Reno Wild slot machine work?

When placing a bet, you should pay attention immediately because there are several betting options. It is important that one credit is always worth €0.20. But apart from that you really have to choose.

You can choose from the following options:

  • play with 3 reels and 5 winning lines on each of the three slots games. This will cost you € 0.60 per spin
  • play with 3 reels, 5 winlines and the Wild Chips. This will cost you 5 credits per slot, which is €3 per spin
  • play with 4 reels and 10 winlines. This will cost you 10 credits per slot machine. That comes down to €6 per spin
  • play with 4 reels, 10 winlines and the Wild Chips. This is possible from 20 credits per slot machine and with a maximum of 500 credits per slot machine

You can also turn off one or two of the slots if you like.

Club Reno Wild Symbols

So there are five winning lines on each of the three slot machines. These run horizontally (three pieces) and diagonally (two pieces). You win if you spin three of the same symbols on one of the five paylines.

Suppose you play with 4 reels, 10 paylines and the Wild Chips, then you can win the following:

  • 2 times your bet if you have four lemons, cherries, plums or oranges on a winline
  • 4 times your bet if you get four melons, golden bells, grapes or clovers on a winline

The Wild Chips are Wild symbols for the symbols mentioned above. A combo of three Wild Chips on a payline means you win 10 times your bet. This is also the top prize at this slot machine.


As there are no other options on the slot machine other than the ones mentioned above, the Club Reno Wild can be described as a bit boring. You have to be a real classic slots enthusiast to appreciate Club Reno.

The payout percentage is definitely worth it. Classic slot machines such as the Random Winner pay out around 95 percent, while Club Reno Wild pay out above 96 percent.

Curious? Then play Club Reno today for free or for real money.

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