Random Winner Triple Play


Are you thinking of trying out a new classic slots game? Then you might have laid your eyes on the intriguing Random Winner Triple Play slot. This has become a popular experience for those who are looking for a touch of invention in their life, with a really creative style of play and a fast-paced nature to the game making this a must-try for most people.

Developed by Games Inc, this is a 95.47% RTP slots game that can provide you with some booming wins if you decide to try it out. Is this 2018 classic slots release the one for you to try out, though?

Random Winner Triple Play General Info

First off, this is a game that comes with 5 unique betways for you to try out. This allows for some fun combinations in the play. The simple 3×3 layout is easily the most impressive part of the process, with this medium-variance slots game giving you all the chances that you need to play fast and loose. It comes with a range of interesting features, including a Wild feature, that allows for you to easily build things up and generate a excellent potential wins.

The main feature of this slots game is to try and get the nature of the Wild slots to apply in your favour. This can give you the chance to get the big, banging maximum wins that you want to try and pick up. Remember, too, that the maximum bet that you can play can be as high as €300, and you can see why so many people today are looking to use RWTP to their advantage.

Classic slots games often come with bombastic, colourful imagery to keep you hanging around; RWTP is no different. It is a bright, energetic, and hugely exciting slots game that manages to pack in all of the fun that you could realistically need.

Potential Winnings of the Random Winner slot

In terms of potential winnings, your highest winning combination is going to be 200X your stake. So, with a chance to play as much as £300 per hand, you could be walking away with a pretty healthy win if you managed to pull that off.

Not many slots games can give you a chance at winning five figures with a bit of high-risk play, so why let this exciting slots game see if you have the mettle?

The game itself comes with a really colourful design and enough easy features, including the Auto Spin, to let you basically just plug and play. You don’t need a strategy for this; it’s all about simply getting lucky with your drops and the slots that turn up for you in the first place!

So, if you want to start seeing some proper returns, you might want to give the chaos that is Random Winner Triple Play a chance. It’s exciting enough to keep you hooked, and it has enough winning combinations to make the chance of winning big feel like a realistic possibility.

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