Runner Runner Megaways


When you are on the lookout for a new slots game to play, one that might catch your eye is Runner Runner Megaways Slot. Not only does it have a deeply interesting layout and theme, but it’s a really interesting classic slots game.

It’s become an all-around favourite as the layout is simple, the theme is universal, and the extra games that it packs in allows for some very satisfying rounds of slots gaming.
So, is it right for you?

General Information

The first thing to note about Runner Runner Megaways Slot is that it comes with six reels, which is quite different. This packs in a whopping 117,000 plus ways to win, making it much easier for you to foresee a path to some riches and success. It is also packed with free spins, various holds, and also a Super Stake option.

While it might lack some of the extra jazz that other casino games pack in, it sure has plenty of fun and opportunity for you to experience. On top of that, you will find that it comes with a variety of interesting graphical additions that make it easy enough to play for hours and hours.

The visuals imply that you are sitting in a crowded room, sitting in front of a live slot machine – it can become a bit trying on the ears, though, as many of the sounds feel like they are lifted from a previous generation.

What you will like, though, is the fact you can put on as much as £20 per spin or as little as 10p per spin. You can also activate what is known as Super Stake, which allows you to double your stake if you so choose. With an RTP of 95.99%, too, this is a pretty volatile and high intensity slots gaming experience.

Runner Runner Megaways Potential Winnings

In terms of bringing in the money with some big wins, you have a chance to make some big winnings with this slots game. You get to pick from all of the usual visual cues such as various fruits including apples, pears, oranges etc. but you also will get the classic number 7 popping up for you from time to time.

The star is a key addition, too, which, with 6 stars on-screen, could net you as much as 60x your stake. It’s a wild, hard-intensity slots game that has some great chances for you to win big if you get the right luck. Other key features include the Gamble feature, which basically allows you to do a coin toss and run the risk of taking a double-or-nothing punt on your winnings; you can do that up to 5x in a row, allowing you to make as much as 250x the base bet!

This is a high intensity game with plenty f ways to win, and many chances for you to win some big amounts of money or free spins with the right play.

While it can feel a touch dated in terms of the layout and design, you’ll soon grow to love the game as you play it time and time again.

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