The slots industry is without one of the most interesting in the world today, and Supertimer is a fine example of a classic slots game. This game is one of the most interesting around at the moment, offering something a little different to what you might normally go for. But is it the right choice of casino game for you? Let’s take a look.

Supertimer basic information

Developed by software experts Leander Gaming, fans of Supertimer can expect a very interesting slots experience. This is designed with the old-school look and feel of a classic slots experience; it’s that classic ‘fruit machine’ style that so many will remember from old-school pubs. Berries, apples, pears, cherries and even crowns all fly around the screen – as does the (in)famous Lucky Number Seven.

So, for most people who are a big fan of casino gaming this is going to offer a nice step back into old school casino gaming. This has a 3-reel activity setup that allows you to enjoy a simple enough setup, something more akin to the classic games that you might already now about. This is also going to give those who are maybe looking for something a bit less hands-on with the extra game modes.

It’s a simple, effective and enjoyable slots experience. It’s all fairly streamlined, with most of the fun coming from simply taking the risk and seeing what kind of reward you actually end up with in the first place. Enjoying a casino gaming experience means knowing what you are dealing with.

With as little £0.20 per payline and as much as £100 per payline, Supertimer really does a lot to give you plenty of options to bit as big or as small as you like.

Potential winnings

The game itself is a little confusing as it has a two-pronged system. In one of the games, you have five paylines to pick from; the other game by contrast offers you only one. The base game begins, and you simply do what you normally would; you let it spin and see what comes out in front of you. Once you reach a certain number of credits, though, you can move to the ‘full’ game and start playing.

You need to match up the icons to make sure you can hit a winning run, same as any other casino game. You have various choices to pick from, with various numbers, fruits, and jewel signs appearing. Hit a triple set of diamonds, though, and you could bring in as many as 200 coins in a single turn!

You also get a crown which is the scatter symbol; this is used to help you bring in as many as 20 credits if you land three or more of them. Overall, the potential winnings in this game can be pretty big -you just need to make sure that you play both phases of each game very wisely indeed to give you a good chance of coming out the other said with some big wins.

For fans of vintage casino gaming with a nice modern twist, though, be sure to try out Supertimer.

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