10,001 Nights


Looking for a new slots experience? Then you will know yourself just how stacked the industry is today. However, one game that might catch your eye is the Arabian-themed 10,001 Nights Slot.

This interesting video slots game has become very popular with those like an Aladdin-themed style of game. It carries the same kind of concept, with everything from magic lamps to that bombastic, upbeat music!

General Information

While not based on Aladdin, fans of the movie will definitely notice a fair amount of similarities in terms of theme and imagery. It stands out a mile away, with all of the images related to the kind of content that you would see in Aladdin-like video games, movies, and cartoons. It’s got that classic Arabian theme, with the music and the layout of the game really capturing the scene quite perfectly.

This is an easy enough videoslot game to play, with the chance to make some pretty hefty pay-outs if you get it right. You will find that this 5-reel, 20-payline game offers you enough variety to get you hooked as soon as you start playing for the first time.

The layout of the game is simple, with the Destiny Spins feature included being the best way to win some big extra freebies. You get up to 20 free spins in this mode once you land on enough lamps to fill up the required meter.

With payouts that can reach well in the high thousands if you get the right bet, there is nothing to say why 10,001 Nights video slot can’t be your go-to game for years to come.

Potential Winnings of the 10,001 Nights Slot

Satisfying and exciting, the game packs in plenty of entertainment through its fast-paced rounds. The main thing you want to do, though, is try to collect lamps by using the right combination of spins. If you do this, you can get some excellent symbol combinations with multipliers and even Mega Wilds coming up on the screen.

Land the right combination, and you could walk away with a barely-believable 10,347x your full stake. This gives you a chance to really play big and push for a winner that might actually change your life. While other games promise big payouts, the potential winnings that are offered here are sure to blow away most of the competition.

So, take a look and you can see why so many people today focus on the potential winnings which are on offer with 10,001 Nights Videoslots. It’s a fun game, with a fast enough pacing that you should have no problem keeping up and having plenty fun while you go along.

With stakes ranging from 10p up to £8 per hit, too, you have the chance to win tens of thousands of ponds with the highest win. Given this has an RTP of around 95.73%, too, it would be hard to be too down on your luck when it comes to this slots game.

It’s fun, engaging, and truly the kind of experience that most slots gamers would love. Why not try it out for yourself, and see if you can make your 10,001st night even more memorable?

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