8 Dragons


Like your online casino gaming to come with a touch of classic oriental charm? Then try out the popular 8 Dragons videoslot. This has become a very popular game for many people who want to enjoy a classic Chinese-themed slots gaming experience.

Fun and fast-paced, this has become a popular pick among those who like a volatile, satisfying and above all fair slots gaming experience. Is it the right one for you, though?

8 Dragons General Information

The first thing to note about this videoslot game is that it is a Pragmatic Play development – if you know casino gaming, then you know that to be a broadly positive thing. At the same time, they also give you access to a highly impressive set-up with 5 reels and 20 paylines in total.

You have a chance to win some decent sums of cash on your wins with this, with some of the Wild slots giving you a chance to get as much as 30x multipliers working in your favour pretty quickly.

At the same time, though, you also get to make the most of a litany of free spin events and games that can bring you some pretty health wins. We were quite impressed by the games style, and the fact it allows you to bet from as little as €0.20 per spin to as much as €10. This gives you some good chances to win big, so long as you play your rolls right.

To be honest, the game does keep thins nice and simple. If you are looking for a slots game that can avoid needless confusion and just lets you spin to win, then this is a fine starting pick. It also gives you some cool designs and themes, with everything built around dragons and other Chinese-themed scenery and imagery that should really make a big impression.

Potential Winnings of the 8 Dragons slot

In terms of potential winnings, it really does depend on how well you play the game regarding the free spins and multipliers. The highest multiplier that you can get is 30x your stake, but the biggest jackpot that you can get is 500. It’s a decent enough little jackpot, but don’t expect 8 Dragons to be one of these games that allows you to become a millionaire or anything!

In terms of pure enjoyment, though, this is simple enough that anyone with an interest in slots gaming could definitely take part. It’s simple, stress-free slots gaming that manages to strip away more or less any morsel of confusion that one might expect.

Paired with a bright and colourful design and a really satisfying overall look, and it is easy to see why so many people tend to take to 8 Dragons as an interesting little slots game to try out.

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