Adventures of Doubloon Island


Fancy playing a slots game with a bit more charisma than the average option? Then take a look at Adventures of Doubloon Island. Quickly gaining traction for its exciting and ambitious layout and its 20-payline setup, this games from Triple Edge Studios and Microgaming has gained a lot of fans in a very short space of time.

What, though, would make the Adventures of Doubloon Island such a worthwhile game for you to try out?

Adventures of Doubloon Island General Information

If you are serious about enjoying yourself when it comes to online casino gaming, then you might wish to try out this slots game. Why? The use of 5 reels and 20 paylines is highly impressive.

The smart pirate theme is familiar, but by no means unwelcome. On top of that, the classic range of bonus rounds and extra features can be the kind of driving, exciting experience that gets you playing for that little bit longer.

The free spins are a big part of the experience, too, giving you a chance to play with as many as 40 free spins on reels where lower value symbols are taken away. Free spins should always play a big role in a modern slots game, and this is no different.

However, what makes this game so big is the use of it’s HyperHold feature; one of the most unique parts of Adventures of Doubloon Island by far. This is a streak re-spin bonus that gives you a symbol with a pre-set cash value. It could even have a major jackpot prize attached to it. When you reach this part of the game, play your slots right and full up the grid and you could have the chance to win a Mega Jackpot victory.

Potential Winnings

As mentioned above, you have the chance to strike a Mega Jackpot when it comes to Adventures of Doubloon Island. What does this mean? Put simply, you have the chance to claim an absolutely massive set of winnings. For example, land the maximum that you can with a HyperHold jackpot, and you can win a quite unbelievable 3,333x your stake!

Given that you can bet as much as £75 (or as little as 10p), this gives you total and complete control over the kind of potential winnings that are available here. Imagine winning 3,333x the maximum stake! You’d never have to work again!

The enjoyment that comes from taking part in an experience like this stems from the fun and the rapid nature of the game. Add in the fact it has an RTP rating exceeding 96%, and this is a pretty generous and fun little slots game.

And although the pirate them might a touch ‘tried and tested’, it works well within the context of casino gaming. For that reason, then, you might wish to take a closer look at the Adventures of Doubloon Island slots game in the future.

It’s not the best slots game, but it offers enough simplicity, variety, and potential for big wins to be a lot of fun.

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