Dark King: Forbidden Riches


With a wonderfully gothic theme and style, there is something really enjoyable about Dark King: Forbidden Riches. Slots games can be a lot of fun for a player, but they need to carry the right theme and style. with a dramatical style that is easy to enjoy for anyone, then, Dark King: Forbidden Riches is one of the best games on the market to try out today.

What, though, makes it a game that you should look to try out? What makes this new release a worthwhile slots experience?

General Information

Released in October 2020, this has been a quick hit on the market for those who like something a bit different. Themed with a very necromancer-inspired imagery and design, Dark King: Forbidden Riches has picked up plenty of fans along the way. And it’s easy to see why; an enticing, exciting experience that is almost certain to give slots fans something new to have fun with.

The chance to win big (see below) is a nice touch, too, as is the chance to bet as much as you realistically would want to. With minimum bets of 0.20p and maximum bets of around £400, you really have nothing to worry about with regards to how much you want to put on here.

Dark King: Forbidden Riches & Free Spins

As you might be shocked to find out, this highly volatile slots game – with an RTP of 96.06% – is capable of providing some pretty exceptional returns on your money. One of the main things that this slots game manages to do really well is make it easy to bring out big wins on its 5×3 layout.

NetEnt are famous for using Wilds to try and make their games even more fun and exciting, with potentially higher winnings than before provided. This is what you get with Dark King: a satisfying, exciting gaming experience that is sure to give you some goodies along the way. For example, many people will find they can win numerous free spins just by landing the right combination of Wild symbols.

Get that right, and you can soon find you are putting way less into the slot machine to try and win big!

Potential Winnings

Like many other NetEnt titles, too, the chances to win are varied. While simply landing the right combination will as ever bring you some pretty nifty rewards, the highest payout you can get is a whopping 2000x your stake. If you were to put on the full stake of £400, you can imagine what kind of winnings you’d have in your back pocket then!

However, for those who are looking for a game that can make wining more variable you should definitely check this out. It has a charm and a style that makes it easy to love.

On top of that, the potential winnings ensures that you can always get a good deal even if you keep to lower stakes and stay away from the more high-risk parts of this slots gaming experience.

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