Dazzle Me Slot


If you tend to look for slots games that come with bright colours and that classic casino feel, you should check out NetEnt classic Dazzle Me. This slots game was first released back in 2015, and it became very popular as it offered such a unique layout.

It provides you 5 reels and 76 paylines, making it one of the most interesting slots layouts around. The game was also famed for really taking the free spins feature to a new level, making it easy for you to pick up various free spins – as many as 16 free spins per time!

These free spins give you every opportunity that you could possibly need to see if you can go ahead and win big on the Dazzle Me system. It’s got that classic casino feel and layout, but does it give you enough substance to make all of the style worth your time?

Dazzle Me General Information

Released in 2015, this 5-reel, 76-payline game is a very interesting game. Part of what makes Dazzle Me video slot so popular, though, is the sheer variety in payment terms. You can stake as little as 20p per spin, or as much as £200 per spin. It really does put control right in your hands, ensuring you are never short on opportunity to take things to the next level.

It also comes with some intriguing bonus features. With the chance to win many free spins, this is a game that puts you in more or less total control.

If you want to enjoy playing a slots game, then you want to play something with a high RTP rating. With an RTP of 96.91% this is a great example of generous slots gaming done right. With a chance to win some pretty hefty sums back just by playing the game, too, this makes it easy for you to get involved and win big. You just need to know what you are doing!

Potential Winnings

Like any slots game, success with Dazzle Me video slots stems from making the right decisions and knowing when to use your free spins. Thanks to having three varied bonus rounds that can drop all manner of spins, this is a very interesting game for those who like to keep things simple. The only negative with this Dazzle Me slots game is the lack of multipliers.

You are unable to really build up many multipliers using just the free spins outside of its various bonus rounds.

However, you can make a killing – as much as 794.6x your stake – if you are happy to commit and try out a few different combinations. This is a slots game that encourages you to be versatile and to think outside the box, as well as to take positive risks. If you want a slot game that encourages your invention, then you should definitely take a look at this intriguing slot set-up.
It’s volatile, versatile, and rewarding to players who are willing to commit to learning all about its intricacies. Definitely a video slots experience that is worth trying out.

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