Hades Gigablox


Developed by popular games mastermind Yggdrasil Gaming, Hades Gigablox has made quite a splash since it first came onto the scene. There are many games with a Greek mythology inspired theme, and this game is no different. What it does do, though, is take the ideas and throw them into one of the most exciting and ambitious slots game layouts that we have seen in some time.

What, then, makes Hades Gigablox a worthwhile investment of your time and valuable money?

General Information

This slots game is developed by experts Yggdrasil Gaming, and stands out because it has such a unique layout. It has 6 reels and 6 rows, as well as 50 paylines, making it one of the more expansive slots games on the market today. With an RTP of 96%, too, it is a highly impressive game with a fair level of general fairness for those who are involved in using the platform.

Despite only being rated as having medium volatility, the fact that you can bet as much as £100 per run means that you can see some pretty big swings for and against you if you play long enough.

Hades Gigablox & Free Spins

Like any good slots game today, you can pick up a whole host of Hades Gigablox free spins by playing correctly. With a hit frequency of around 20.5%, there is a good chance to see returns and free spins coming your way if you play hard enough.

The challenge that you have here is trying to get to the various free spins that you can unlock by playing with this game. You will need to try and land in the Hades Wild Hunt round, which gives you a chance to get some free spins. The variety in what can happen during the Gigablox feature can be quite confusing at first, but you will soon get used to the varying sizes and styles that fall, with the Wild giving you the chance to pick up those all-important free spins.

Use the free spins wisely, and you might just manage to pick up the kind of wins that you were hoping for when it came to Gigablox style slots games.

Potential Winnings

The potential winnings in this game are massive, as you might expect given the expansive and massive number of slots rows and reels. The vast majority of experts suggest that the highest winning combination that you could get with this particular investment is 11,129x your take.

That is a massive win, and one of the largest that you are likely to find in modern slots. With the chance to win this on a maximum stake, you could see your maximum winnings stretch well into the six figure region. It’s a wonderful way for you to have a chance to win big, to see huge wins, and to have plenty of fun on a unique configuration.

Gigablox slots can seem daunting at first, but as a few hours with Hades will show you, it does not have to be the headache that others can make it seem.

So, why not try it out for yourself and see what you think?

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