Hitman Slot


As one of the most popular video game series of recent times, Hitman has a huge number of fans. The game is all about taking risks, trying to win big when you might need to catch a target at just the right moment. Well, Hitman Slots is no different.

This is based on the theme of the famous video game series, using various designs such as instruments of murder to make up its various images and symbols.

The game itself provides you with a 5-reel, 15-payline product that can give you a hugely impressive gaming experience. Microgaming have gone the extra mile on the aesthetics here, creating a really detailed looking Hitman video slots experience.

Is this, though, a killer app worth trying?

Hitman Slot General Information

The slots game is designed with a very interesting range of opportunities for gamers who like to push their own buttons. This video slots game gives you the chance to weight your betting in coins, giving you chance to bet the amount of coins that you wish to put forward. This is a game with an RTP of around 95.891%, too, which is a little bit below what you might expect from a modern video slots game. However, with the chance to win some huge prizes simply by playing your hand right, this is a very intriguing slots game.

It’s a good choice for many reasons, not least the fact that it feels so easy to control. You area looking mainly to use the three bonus rounds to your advantage, making use of the Wild symbol – which is the Hitman symbol itself. If you get that, then you can replace all paying game symbols bar Bonus/Scatter symbols. If you are trying to hit a big win, you want to land Agent 47 himself, who can give you some great rewards.

Potential Winnings

In terms of potential winnings, the highest sum that you can make is a whopping 270,000 coins worth. This comes from trying to use the bonus rounds – known as Contract bonuses – which appear when a laptop appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reels at the same time. this will give you the chance to choose a target from the screen, and then a weapon of choice – each weapon comes with a set value.

If you pick the right combination, you can look forward to an incredible jackpot of 270,000 coins. However, you can also win a lot of coins through other bonuses, such as picking the Insignia bonus up. This gives you the chance to pick a trio of symbols to reveal a bespoke multiplier.

This is all about trying to use the in-game bonus schemes to see what you can learn about the game. Like the Hitman video games, this is a game that requires patience and analysis of the situation.

Grow to understand the reels and the bonus rounds, and you should find it that bit easier to turn around your slots gaming experience with the help of Hitman slot.

It’s a fun, engaging slot game that makes it easy for you to have a chance at winning big. So, why not take out a contract and see for yourself?

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