Immortal Romance


When it comes to enjoying modern slots gaming, it always pays to look into the biggest games and developers. For example, Microgaming are known for their prolific creation of high-end slots games that take on interesting themes. One of their more intriguing releases in recent times has been the Immortal Romance videoslot game.

This sci-fi-themed slots game has a really interesting layout and design. Also it gives you a whopping 243-paylines to work around with. The modern graphics paired with crisp, smooth animation offers a 5-reel game with plenty of enjoyment, charisma, and entertainment. It’s a good choice to try out, but is it one that you’ll fall for?

Immortal Romance Slot Info

Immortal Romance is a popular slots game at the moment for those who want to enjoy a highly volatile slots gaming experience. With an RTP of 98.86%, it’s got one of the best returns to player ratings that you are going to see out there.

Add in the 243-value paylines and the impressive addition of up to 10 coins per line, and you can see why Immortal Romance is becoming so popular with so many people today.

The vampiric romance background theme plays well with the wider style. It’s something that you should have no problem at all in getting into. The game comes with some very interesting additions for a medium variance slot, but it’s also got the chance for you to play as little as €0,30 or as much as €30. While not as massive as some other slot games, the fact that you can still bet a fair sum of money is quite impressive.

The game itself is home to some pretty simply innovations that can make online casino gaming nice and easy, so you should definitely be willing to give this a try.

Potential Winnings on the Immortal Romance slot

When it comes to engaging with potential winnings, you will find that this gives you all of the help and support you need to win big. With a chance to win as much as 12,150x your maximum stake on its Troy feature, you do have the chance to win some pretty life-changing sums of money if you are willing to bet big and put the risk on.

The game itself is something that you might find hard to get to grips with at first. This is because it can be so quick-paced. Most of its round are basically just free spins and little bonus rounds that can net you higher wins.

In terms of any actual confusion or challenge, you should have no problem at all in playing the slots here and winning big. Just get used to the somewhat confusing terms for each of its bonus rounds, and you’ll soon notice a familiar pattern emerging.

The potential winnings that you can get are huge for a medium variance slots game. Overall it just makes a fun place for you to try out your slots gaming experience. With a chance to win some big sums of money, will you give Immortal Romance a chance?

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