Jungle Spirit


If you like your videoslot experience to come from NetEnt, then you will want to make time to try out Jungle Spirit. The best video slots will always be highly engaging, interactive, and detailed with some pretty awesome graphics. Well, we can safely say that this jungle-themed slots game very much lives up to that hype.

How good, though, is Jungle Spirit video slot? Does it live up to the expectation that you might have given the previous success of this genre?

Jungle SpiritGeneral Information

With an RTP of 96.47, this is a generous and forgiving slot. Add in the fact it’s highly volatile, too, and this five-reel videoslot has more than 240 chances for you to win with. It’s got some excellent bonus features, too, including a range of Expanding Symbols and, of course, Free Spins (more on them in a minute) for you to work with and make big wins.

A standard 5×3 sized slots game, this NetEnt classic comes with key features including a Butterfly Boost bonus and a spectacular range of symbols to pick from. Each range of symbols offers ample variety for you to choose from. Bet as much as £100 or as little as 20p; it really does not matter what you feel like working with because Jungle Spirit will make it affordable.

Various animals come along during the game, including jungle classics such as bears, tigers, and even cobras. You’ll also get various A-10 card royal selections to choose from, and a whole package of bonus and feature rounds that can crop up as you play along.

For most fans, the Butterfly Boost is the most exciting bonus round. This will see butterflies fly around the various reels, which can expand up to three different symbols from a random choice – land on the right symbol, and this could turn an entire reel into a massive points winner for you!

This is the way to build up massive, energising wins. For example, if you were to land as many as four scatters then you could win as much as 15x your stake. It’s this kind of highly volatile, bonus building game that makes Jungle Spirit video slot such a fantastic prospect.

Jungle Spirit Symbols and Free Spins

The free spins on offer with Jungle Spirit video slot are fine, too. When the Free Spins event takes place, you will be given the chance to choose a spirit animal from a varied collection of five. You can choose something with a high-risk, high-reward nature – or you can use something a bit easier and more likely to win, but with less outstanding rewards.

When you turn to the free spins system, you will also get a much larger 5×4 reel format to come to life. This helps to push the ways to win up by a further amount, giving you over 1,000 winning combinations!

If you like your slots gaming to be full of surprises and excitement, then there are few better choices than taking on the wild with the wonderful Jungle Spirit video slot.

So, why not try out this classic videoslot experience and see if you can find your luck in the wilds?

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