Jurassic Giants


Game development experts Pragmatic Play are known for taking interesting designs and flipping them on their head. With their latest development of Jurassic Giants, that is exactly what they have done.

The company has taken the timeless dinosaur aesthetic and created a prehistoric slots game with a very interesting play style. With over 4,000 ways to win, too, this game gives you the chance to be really ambitious with how you try and play your wins.

You can even get plenty of nice multipliers and add-ons to bring your score even higher, making it easy for you to turn a small bet into a big win. And yet, with the chance to bet as little as 50p per spin to as much as €250, this is a game that allows you to take your own risks!

General Information

With 6 reels to play with and over 4,096 paylines, this is a game that adds in a whole layer of complexity not seen in many other video slot games. Pragmatic Play are famous for this, but they are also famous for their massive winning potential runs.

With the chance to get as many as 50 coins and a jackpot as large as 4,000, there are some truly special experiences that can be had if you are willing to take things that next step further.

With multipliers that can reach as high as 4x your stake, too, this does give you a chance to really boost things up and see some big wins. The layout, as you might expect, takes place mostly around dinosaur-related aesthetics.

It’s fun, colourful, and unique in the way the design is laid out. If you are looking for a fun way to build your own little run of results, though, this simple and easy enough to play slots game allows enough simplicity for Auto Play, but enough complexity for strategists to really get deep.

What can I win on the Jurassic Giants slot?

In terms of potential winnings, it all comes down to what you are able to win. With the chance to win as many as 250 free spins by landing a chunk of diamonds (scatters), with 20 diamonds landing you the full 250, you can then see a random multiplier from 2-4x your stake placed onto each of those free spins.

So, you can imagine that with just a few of those free spins paying off at 4x multipliers you could see some pretty hefty wins build up in no time.

Just beware; this game is fast-paced enough and has enough variety in the winning combinations that one or two wrong moves could see you extinct. Play it smart, though, and you could soon set yourself as the King of the Jungle just as the old T-Rex once was.

Fun, ambitious, and highly exciting; there is a reason why Jurassic Giants has taken a pretty special place in the pantheon of Pragmatic Play slot game releases. Why not try it out for yourself, and see why it has garnered such a reputation?

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