Koi Princess Slot


If you like your slots to come with a bombastic energy and charm, then you might wish to check out Koi Princess. This hugely popular slots game from NetEnt came out in 2015, and imbues a wonderful Japanese theme to a highly exciting slots game.

The game itself is simple enough, removes much of the confusion around other slots games, and delivers exactly what you might want – a highly enjoyable slots experience.

Part of the fun with Koi Princess is the highly charged style and animation. With that classic anime theme, there is much to love about Koi Princess. Is it the slots game for you, though?

Koi Princess Slot General Information

The first thing to note about this 2015 release is that it was first released as a 5-reel, 20-payline game. It’s a title that quickly became a beloved option for those who love a more outrageous design and theme. It also comes with a ridiculous nine bonus features, so you can find a lot of opportunity to build up large winning combinations.

Chief to the success of Koi Princess is the use of the Random feature. This can deliver you with Wild symbols. It might even deliver other things like a 5-of-a-kind reels win, a set of wild reels, or even a Bonus trigger.
The bonus rounds are a big part of what makes this so fun, giving you the chance to get free spins, guaranteed coin wins, or other bonus wheel spins.

Koi Princess and Free Spins

While this slots game is all about using its army of free spins to win, it does also have high stakes. With an RTP exceeding 96%, the fact you can bet as little as 20p or as much as £400 per spin shows you just how high the stakes can be if you allow them to be.

With a 5×20 setup, you can quickly get used to how this game works and thus enjoy its more intricate, unique stylings with relative ease.

In terms of free spins, you get many chances to earn them when playing Koi Princess video slots. At the same time, it comes with a highly impressive range of free spins, with as many as 10 given to you at any one time.

Throw in the fact it comes with some incredible chances to really up the ante and win more, and you can see why Koi Princess is a popular choice.

Potential Winnings

The potential winnings cap out at 1,000x your stake, so you could win 1,000x the maximum of £400. While this obviously takes a lot of luck, it could be genuinely life-changing if you manage to pull that off. The main thing about Koi Princess is that it tends to offer a fast-paced, frenetic experience where you can tap into its numerous bonus rounds.

Play them right, get used to their quirks, and you should have no problem at all in getting exactly what you need. Koi Princess might not be for everyone, but it has enough potential to deliver fast-paced, fun wins that you should be willing to try it out – even if anime is not really your thing.

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