Legacy of the Tiger


While there are too many videoslot games with an Asian-inspired theme to mention, the excellent Legacy of the Tiger video slot might be worth your time. Created by Playtech, this builds on the massive success found in their Fire Blaze Jackpot series.

With a new game to add to their collection, Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots: Legacy of the Tiger offers a highly exciting game. Volatile (but not to an extreme point) and engaging, this comes with the chance for you to win some pretty significant jackpots if you play well enough.

General Information

This is a highly exciting slots game thanks to the fact it comes with 5 reels for you to play on. Many games today utilise 3 reels instead, so this gives you even more chance to win big when you get it right. While there are no Wilds, you do get access to various Scatters which can lead to some nice Free Spins if you get it right.

Like all good Playtech games, too, you’ll have the chance to see progressive jackpots. This could give you the chance to keep moving up the jackpot levels, from the standard Mini level to the Grand jackpots. This can give you the chance to win a whole host of different sums, with these tiered jackpots offering some great wins in other members of the Fire Blaze Jackpots series.

A rich and varied art style combined with a very intriguing range of theme-suitable symbols ensures you’ll feel right at home here. Users who have played the various other Fire Blaze Jackpots games will notice some similarities in the theme and the art style. There is, though, enough unique distance between the design here to ensure you know you are playing a fresh and exciting new videoslot game.

Legacy of the Tiger Symbols and Free Spins

Also, like most good slots games today, Legacy of the Tiger video slot will come with a Free Spins feature. This will give you the chance to win as many as 8 free spins in a game. This requires some luck, though, landing the right combination of Scatters to make sure you get these spins. If you do, though, the Free Spins are sure to give you the chance to win big when you play.

This will add another layer of intrigue to the game, which has a high RTP in the 96th percentile. You should expect this to offer you a challenging but rewarding gaming experience. Many videoslot games today can be quite similar, but Playtech finds various ways to make sure that their games can feel unique and new. Despite being another member of the Fire Blaze Jackpots series, there is enough newness and freshness about this design to ensure that this feels like a new release.

If it’s your intention to try out a new slots game, we highly recommend that you make time to look at Legacy of the Tiger. It has enough freshness about it that you should find it a satisfying, engaging playing experience for a long time to come.

It offers enough of a challenge, too, that advanced players who like to raise the stakes should have no problem in enjoying what’s on offer.

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