Piggy Riches


Are you trying to find a new slot game to try out? Then you might already have come across Piggy Riches. First brought out in 2010, the NetEnt slot game has grown to have quite a large audience over the last few years. Part of that comes from the fast-paced nature of this 5-reel, 15-payline slots game.

It’s all about trying to land a few bucks from the high-earning piggies, but have you got it in you to land a big win this time?

General Information

One thing about Piggy Riches to note is that despite coming out in 2010 the graphical style still stands up today. It might be around a decade old, but Piggy Riches still carries a confidence and a swagger that we might not see with other videoslots.

On top of that, it’s a very exciting and engaging slots game thanks to the sheer variety of winning options that it comes with. Just as you might expect with slots games from the turn of the decade, it was loaded with promotions and other fun side-games to give you a chance to win even more.

The game has a very interesting style, with a lot of bling on show from these extra-rich pigs. It’s a fun, high-paced slot game that comes with some very interesting winning opportunities. For example, it comes with a Wild that can treble your payout when it’s part of a win, and it also give you a chance to pick up some free spins.

A common round is to win you as many as 28 free spins with a 6x multiplier; think about what that could net you if you were able to hit the right combination.

Piggy Riches Potential Winnings

Given that you can play for as little as 15p a spin, this is not a slots game that makes you pay a massive sum of money just to take part. However, you can also bet as much as £75 on a single spin if you so choose. So, this is game that allows you to be as ambitious or as conservative as you feel comfortable being. Keep that in mind, and you can probably make the right choice with regards to if this game is for you.

The game is loaded with various symbols, most of which are plays on the status and wealth of the pigs themselves. You’ll see piggy banks bursting with money, golden credit cards, and bags of cash. The money bags can net you as much as 133.33x your stake if you manage to land the right winning combination.

However, a Wild symbol with 4 money bags could see you win as much as 400x your stake payout. This should give you a pretty solid idea about how wealthy a good run at Piggy Riches could net you.

Combine that with the colourful and charismatic nature of the design, and you can see why Piggy Riches is one of the most popular slots games of the last decade or so.

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