Queen of Gold


They say that slots gaming is all about the big wins and the grandiose victories, and slot games like Queen of Gold prove that right. This slots game from Pragmatic Play might follow a typically used Egyptian theme, but it is by no means a ‘boring’ slots game design or theme.

With 6 reels to play with and 25 paylines in total, Queen of Gold offers a very interesting online videoslot to play.

Yet with all of its massive charm and obvious appeal, can you say that Queen of Gold is the right choice of slot game for you today?

Queen of Gold General Information

The first thing to note is the fact that it has such a huge range of variety in what you can win. With multipliers that can go as high as 100x your stake and maximum coin ranges of up to €125, this is a game that allows you to get as ambitious as you like at any given time.

With a jackpot that can stretch your already high potential for game-changing winnings, too, there is a big reason why Queen of Gold is gaining a lot of fans.

The main thing you want to look out for when using Queen of Gold is the fact that the 6th reel plays such a huge role in your wins. If you are able to unlock the free spins feature, then you can win an unlimited quantity of free spins in batches of up to 10 free spins at a time.

This gives you the chance to really claim some huge wins, but it also allows you to use the Super Levels 1 to 6 to help boost your access to the sixth reel.

Do that, and you have the chance to use the multiplier values on the sixth reel to send your earnings sky-high. It’s also a great way for you to get access to multipliers that can reach into the 100x value.

Potential Winnings

In terms of potential winnings, though, this videoslot is a vote winner purely because it allows for you to get such huge wins. If you get the sixth reel to play ball, you have the chance to create massive winnings simply by being able to turn those free spins into something far more suited to the needs you have on a reel-to-reel basis. If you are serious about really challenging yourself, then Queen of Gold does a fine job of doing that.

Fun and fast paced with enough variety to ensure you always can notice the challenge, there are no reasons why Queen of Gold cannot be the ideal video slots game of your choosing. Play this particular slot game enough and you’ll soon get used to the rapid paced nature of the experience.

It’s not impossible by any means, but it’s the ideal kind of slots game for those who want to avoid excessive bonus rounds and extra features. For a fun slots game with a classic theme, try out Queen of Gold!

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