Rage of the Seas


Slots gaming sure comes in many shapes and sizes, but chief among them is the pirate and nautical-themed worlds. Some of the most popular slots games out there include the likes of pirate-themed games based on movies, books, and various other themes. One of the most popular sea-themed slots games at the moment, though, includes Rage of the Seas Slot.

This pirate-themed game has become a calling card for many people who want to experience a riskier overall experience. Packed with excitement and entertainment, this 5×4 slots game offers ample opportunity for you to enjoy a slots experience like few others out there.

General Information

Developed by NetEnt, this particular slot game has found fame due to the fact that it packages in so many useful features. With free spins on an RTP of 96.04%, too, this is a very interesting slots game. It has been highly rated thanks to its impressive graphical layout, but also the unique combination of chances to win big.

It comes with various themed imagery for you to pick from across the numerous Boost, Wilds, Scatter and Random features that can pop up. Add in the Expansion Area that allows you to keep adding more rows and betways, and you can have many ways to win big if you keep on pushing. Indeed, you have the chance to have as many as 1024 to a whopping 5,488 betways. That is an incredible number!

Rage of the Seas Potential Winnings

With the chance to bet anything from 20p per shot to £400 per shot, this is a slots game that does not hold back whatsoever as you play. It also comes with a chance to increase your maximum winning to around 2,7440x your original stake. Imagine landing that on the maximum stake!

Although landing Wilds and Scatters are not as common on this game as it is with other slots games, you will have the chance to pick up some nice bonuses. Pick up some Stacked Wilds, for example, and you can get an even greater reward than you would have normally. Get a Scattered Wild, though, and you will be given the chance to bring it to life and use the tentacles that it produces to plant Wild symbols adjacent to one another.

It is through these cute tricks and techniques that this manages to be a much more in-depth and interesting slots experience than you might have first believed it would be.

Slots games can be increasingly volatile and it can make it tough for you to build up the kind of winning run that you want; with this particular game, though, there is enough solidity in the options available to you that it should not be too hard to get a winning run going – the stages are simple enough to follow, and the rules are quite simple once you get to grips with the ability to increase your betways.

Overall, Rage of the Seas Slot is very much a slots game worth taking a trip out to the Seven Seas to try out!

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