Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand


When you want to enjoy a videoslot, the best thing you can do is find a layout and theme that you feel comfortable playing on. For many people, that will include playing the very popular Riches of Midgard.

Set in a classic theme and style of Nordic riches and gold, this is a popular one for many people to try out if they are looking for something a little different. This Norse-themed slots game has become a big part of the NetEnt gaming stable and has become a popular pick for those looking for something new in the wide range of videoslots.

Can you, though, find the riches of Midgard?

Riches of Midgard Slot General Information

This is a standard 3×3 grid slots game, with 9 paylines provided to you. This keeps things really simple, meaning that it is easy to play without becoming confused or concerned about how the game is playing out.

It has a solid RTP of 96.03%, too, so this is a pretty solid game for providing a chance at a big return. You will find that you also have the chance to get some free spins, which opens up an extra row setting that gives you 29 paylines as opposed to just 9.

For that reason, many people will choose to play this slots game with relative abandon. The ease of play and the rapid nature of the game means that you can simply keep playing, keep hoping for results, and eventually get something back in return for your efforts.

Potential Winnings

Since your stakes can go as high as £100 per spin, this is game that does not exactly get in the way of you having a good time. It is a good choice for those who want to try and win big, with the maximum win being as high as 10,000x your stake. You can also get some pretty nifty free spins and multipliers that help you to boost your chances of winning big.

The minimum that you can play with per spin is 10p, though, so you don’t have to raise the stakes to an uncomfortable level if you do not wish to do so. With low to medium variance, the maximum win that you could expect per spin is around 435x your stake. However, this is only achievable if you pull off the free spins feature that opens up more paylines and chances to win.

However, you can find that this game gives you the chance to win some pretty high sums of money. Thanks to the fact you only have a 3×3 grid, it is a little easier to get a layout that has a chance of delivering some kind of meaningful results for you.

We recommend that you take a look at this option ASAP, though, as it can be the ideal choice for those who want a swift and simple slots game.

Just be sure to look out for the various themes that appear, with symbols ranging from symbols like lower value letters and numbers as well as meat joints, horns, and famous characters from Norse mythology.

It packs a fair amount of style and charm into the imagery, so be sure to give this a chance purely for the aesthetic and the ease of play!

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