Royal Dragon Infinity Reels


If you like your slots gaming to come with a touch of drama attached, then you might want to look into Royal Dragon Infinity Reels. This popular slots by Yggdrasil Gaming and GamesLab has become an immediate hit for many people.

The games gives you all of the usual features, including free spins and the chance to win pretty handsome sums of money with the impressive multipliers available.

With that in mind, you might want to take a look at this game and see if it fits the kind of theme that you would enjoy.

Royal Dragon Infinity Reels General Information

The first thing to note about Royal Dragon Infinity Reels is that it has become a highly popular choice for those who like to take a risk. With the extra reels that can come out when you land a win, you can have the chance to extend the playing field and thus the opportunity – and the quantity – of the wins that you can pull off.

The Frenzy Spins feature included is a huge boon, too, offering you the chance to get a random multiplier as high as 5x your stake. This can combine with the reel multiplier to then build up quite incredible wins for you. Thanks to the 3-to-infinite reels, you can enjoy a far more exciting experience than you might get with a more standard slot game.

The four bonus rounds that you can pick up also give you the chance to further expand the chance to win. So, with Royal Dragon Infinity Reels, you are literally playing a video slot game with infinite paylines!

Your stake can change from anything from the minimum, 30p to the maximum, which is £75. That’s a highly impressive sum and should give you plenty of incentive to invest in this slots game. While its RTP rating of 95.85% is a bit lower than you might want, it’s still a good enough choice for anyone trying to win something good for their efforts.

Potential Winnings

In terms of your earning potential, this game has many free spins and bonus round features that can be highly, highly enjoyable. The major factor, though, stems from the chance to make a maximum win. Something in the region of 2,562x your stake can be won if you manage to hit the big time.

Obviously this depends on you getting a large number of reels open and hitting it big on a winning play, but it is something that you can absolutely do if you were to take your time and have a bit of luck on your side.

The main thing to note about this game, though, is the potential winnings are always going to be built around activating and using the free spins and multipliers. Hit the right combination and you could look forward to a pretty incredible winning margin.

You just need to give Royal Dragon Infinity Reels a try, learn its quirks, and get used to the ever-expanding number of reels and paylines.

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