Valley of the Gods


We all love our slots games to be bombastic and exciting, and few on the market are more exciting than Valley of the Gods videoslot. This particularly intriguing little game is one of the most interesting slots out there today; a truly enterprising game that comes with immense potential in terms of the ways that you can have fun.

If you are looking for a simple way to enjoy a video slot experience that carries that classic God-themed style, then you might wish to come and try out this popular new game.

Valley of the Gods Information

Valley of the Gods Slot is, unlike many other God-themed slots games, based on Egyptian mythology. Greek and Norse mythology tend to be the ‘main’ winners, but this shows you a more Egyptian themed style. The layout is interesting with stark and stylish design contrasts, while the fact that you have so many different ways to win – over 3,000 – can be a huge benefit to you later on down the line.
The game uses the standard 5 reels that you will be used to seeing. They tend to come with plenty of options, too, with the chance to have as many as 25 coins in total in play at any one time. Your coin ranges can go from as little as 25p to as high as £125, so keep that in mind when you start playing here.

With a jackpot that be pretty impressive, too, you do have the chance to turn a lucky spin into a massive win, so it definitely pays to give yourself a chance in the Valley of the Gods Videoslots.

Potential Winnings

In terms of major winning, chances, you will find that your potential winnings are mostly egged on by the jackpot. Hit the right combination of combinations and multipliers and you could walk away with some 500x your stake. While other games might offer higher wins in terms of Videoslots jackpots, you do get some pretty huge wins here if you play with a higher level of risk and raise your coin range.

You also get a bonus round, well, three bonus rounds, to pick from. These rounds all give you the chance to rack up consecutive wins, which is the aim of the game here to build winning formulas that pay out worthwhile sums of money. If you can clear an entire area, then you get a 2x multiplier and some extra lives. If you get a blue or a red scarab, then you get either an improved multiplier or free spins!

In short, you have many ways to win here and many ways to try and tempt fate. While it might be easy to stick with the classic slot games, this does offer a chance of some extra devilment which you are sure to enjoy.

It might not have the same amount of madness in its bonus games as other slots games today, but Valley of the Gods slots does a fine job of adding enough variety to ensure you have ample fun on your adventures.

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