Vampires vs Wolves


The slot world does tend to have a habit of sticking to the same old designs and tropes, with vampires and wolves often a fine starting point. However, it is not often that we see the dangerous duo combined into one.

Well, with Vampires vs Wolves slot, you do get to see a rather odd combination of these two dangerous foes from fiction. With a superbly designed soundtrack allied to awesome graphics and a fun gameplay loop, it is easy to see why this slots game has become one of the most popular of its kind today.

But is it for you? Will it sink its teeth or claws into your valuable time?

Vampires vs Wolves General Information

With an RTP of 96.49%, you can immediately feel a bit more confident with your chances on this Pragmatic Play designed game. It comes with a 5×3 setup, with a total of 10 paylines for you to play across. With a pretty impressive layout and theme, too, you should immediately feel at home if you are a fan of gothic-themed entertainment.

The game has a pretty decent min/max bet system, too, with this particular videoslots game offering an impressive minimum of 10p and a hefty maximum of £50. This should give you ample reason to give this a try out for yourself; it’s fun, satisfying, and highly engaging.

If you are trying to find ways to have fun with a slots game, then this does manage to pack in the fun in the way that you would have intended.

Potential Winnings

There is something very fun about this slots game, though it might come down the fact it has such high potential winnings. With a chance to win some 1,000x your stake, if you were to bet the maximum you could earn a cool £50,000!

That is a huge sum of money to win on a slots game, especially one as easy to paly as this. The layout is simple, and the actual process of playing is very easy. You play as either vampires or werewolves and you go through various free spins in these rounds, giving you chance to win on this highly volatile slot game.

Vampires vs Wolves Free Spins

The free spins that you can win that can help to boost your chances of winning big come through pretty volatile mini games. You play a number of spins depending on the faction that you choose, and this means that you have the chance to re-trigger spins as you play, giving you the chance to play your cards right and send that sum sky-high!

Vampires vs Wolves videoslot can seem a bit obtuse at first, but it plays very easily, and you should have no problem getting into its rather outlandish theme. The rounds move quickly enough that you can enjoy bonus wins, free spins, and some other nice extras which will definitely incentivise you to keep on playing.

While it might not be for everyone, there is no doubt that Vampires vs Wolves slot is a very fun addition to the Pragmatic Play collection. Who knows what you’ll win with a trip to the crypt?

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