Vegas Night Life


Thinking about trying out a new slots game and want to find something with the right style? Then check out the hugely popular Vegas Night Life. This new NetEnt slot game has become a popular choice for those who are looking for both high stakes and simply looking for cheap ways to have fun.

What, though, makes this a fun and satisfying slots gaming experience for punters looking for a thrill?

General Information

Released by popular gaming experts NetEnt gaming, you can trust that Vegas Night Life has plenty of nice features in there to be enjoyed. With various chances to win some freebies (see below) and some really high potential winnings even on a minimum bet of 20p, you can find that this game does help to provide that bombastic Vegas feeling with every spin that you take on.

It’s got an RTP of around 96%, too, and it also attached to some progressive jackpot as well as having a few fixed jackpots.

Vegas Night Life & Free Spins

Vegas Night Life manages to pack in all of the character and charm that you would expect of something based on Vegas casino gaming. It has that bright light theme and style, but it also packs in as many ways to win as you would have hoped for in this kind of slots game.

For one, you can land various free spins with the right multiplier coming from the use of Wild symbols and other similar stacked symbols. You can pick up the free spins and they tend to come with a 3x multiplier, meaning that you could make some pretty neat wins with this if you play your slots right. It also comes with a few nice bonus rounds that you should definitely look to check out.

Potential Winnings

In terms of potential winnings, the numbers are pretty impressive for this slots game. For one, you can use their Cash Stacker feature to try and win stake multipliers and jackpots. You can also use the popular Instant Win system which is capable of giving you wins as large as 1000x your stake. As you can see, then, there are some pretty decent ways to walk away with a Vegas-like size of money in your back pocket.

With 5 reels and 20 paylines and stakes that can go as high as £100, though, you have ample choice to basically game the system and fit whatever you feel comfortable putting up. Many other casino games can be quite rigid with what they offer, but Vegas Night Life does a pretty spectacular job of giving you the information that you need to make some big wins.

With the addition of a Max Win option that is tied to a progressive jackpot, and the chances to see a whopping, massive win on this platform is quite high.

Just make sure you take the time to look into the potential winnings that you could pick up soon – you might just shock yourself with how much you can win on the market today!

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