Wild Booster


Considering changing to a new slots game? Then you might wish to check out intriguing Pragmatic Play release Wild Booster. This might look like a generic 3×5 video slot, but Wild Booster video slots introduces a whole range of intriguing, exciting possibilities.

You get the chance to pick up all manner of classic designs, from lucky Number 7s to diamonds and fruit images. Basically, it looks like your classic slots game – so, what makes it a bit more interesting to play than a classic slots game out there?

Information about Wild Booster video slot

For one, this interesting slots game has picked up a lot of interest due to the high nature of its modifiers. One of the most intriguing modifiers on this release can win you as much as 100x your stake.

On top of that, numerous free spins and other Super Modifiers can lead to some pretty incredible discoveries if you are willing to put in the time and the effort.

This simple game comes with 20 paylines but enough versatility within the game to ensure you are always chasing a more ambitious win than the previous round of games.

You can even pick from various bonus rounds and features that can lead to free spins, making it very easy to build up high multipliers and the kind of impressive combos that really hit the mark.

Wild Booster Free Spins

This impressive slots game is all about making use of its various versatile options. For example, you can use the various bonus features to make use of its numerous options for free spins. With the chance to bet as little as 20p or as much as £100, you are always in total control when it comes to choosing how much you wish to bet (and potentially win back).

The free spins multipliers that you can get are massive, too, with the chance to get as much as 5-100x your stake. Add in an RTP rating of around 96.47%, and this is a game that can promise some hefty returns if you play your reels right. The slot game itself comes with the chance to see some huge wins, some of which can get into thousands of times your maximum stake.

The use of the Wild Booster bonus rounds helps to provide you with various wild multipliers, free spins, and so much more that can make a huge difference. These can trigger on any spin that happens to involve a Wild, can could see you going from a multiplier of 2x all the way up to a whopping 100x.

Potential Winnings

The highest amount that you could win with one simple play could be 5,000x your stake. You need to hit every jackpot going and find all the luck in the game to do this, of course, but the results can be hugely impressive.

The various free spins and the opportunity for things like Scatters and even buying free spins can see you earn multipliers well into the 10x your stake region.
With multipliers that can explode into the 5000x region, though, you know that you are playing a game with a highly volatile nature.

The risk can be larger than with other games, but the rewards can be absolutely incredible as well. So, why not see for yourself what kind of results you could gather with a few smart plays?

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