Club 2000 Deluxe


Got your eye on a classic slots game to try out? Then you might wish to try out the ever-popular Club 2000 Deluxe. This multi-slot game allows you to play 1-2 slots at once and comes with a pretty impressive variance level. Add in a single payline and a maximum bet as high as €50, and you have some big chances to go ahead and win some very impressive sums of money.

Without doubt, this game is one of the most interesting around. It’s been around for a while now, so has a bit of a reputation among gaming fans. If you want to try out something a little different, though, you just need to know what to look out for when you enter the bonus round, the Mystery Win phase.

Club 2000 Deluxe basic information

Like most things in a casino gaming experience, Club 2000 is the ideal choice for those who miss a land-based casino. It has that vintage 80s and 90s feel to it; something that more experienced gamblers might appreciate more than the younger flock. With a minimum bet of just €0.20, and a maximum of €50 per payline, you have some pretty impressive gaming options open to you as soon as you start playing this.

The look and the layout make it easily enjoyable for everyone, but it’s actually the speed of the game that can make it so fun. Most casino gamers are quite fast today, but this is absolutely rapid. A fruit machine is based on that classic look and style, and that’s why Club 2000 has a lot going for it. If you are looking for a fast paced slots experience that allows you to enjoy a more vintage experience, be sure to give this a try out today.

Potential winnings

The potential winnings that one can pull out are going to be based on the kind of effort that you put in. Since this is a StakeLogic game, you do get rewarded for being a bit more ambitious with your opportunities. Playing this is easy; 3 reels and 3 rows with the chance to pair up as many as 9 symbols and make a big win.

You can also choose to play with two slots at once, meaning double the cost but also double the potential winnings. It has a maximum payout per slot of just 500 coins, though, so it’s not exactly a huge payout that you can get for your maximum win. However, it’s got an RTP of around 95% so it’s fair to say that it does pay back the majority of what actually goes into it.

The high RTP, the simple layout and the impressive overall style means that if you are looking for an easy way to enjoy some casino gaming then you should absolutely take a look at Club 2000. Sure, it might not be for everyone, but it’s almost certain to be a suitable choice for someone out there.

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