Dancing Saturn


This online slot machine is simple in design and completely in the Las Vegas style. Dancing Saturn has 3 reels with its own jackpot. For at least 3 points you can already play on this slot machine for the super jackpot of no less than 10.000 points. The Dancing Saturn symbol increases your chances with this game. The symbol is a joker no matter where he falls on the reels!

How to play Dancing Saturn Slot?

When you start playing, you have the choice to bet on 1 credit to 3 credits, where 1 credit represents the value of € 0.20. If you want to play the maximum number of credits you can also choose the button “Bet Max”. Each spin is then immediately deducted 3 credits from your credit balance.

As always, the different symbols on the reels must form a winning combination. To see which winning combinations are possible, click the “See Pays” button. An overview will appear with the winning combinations and the corresponding number of credits you can win.

The symbol with the planet Saturn is like a joker on the reels and if it falls on the payline or above or below the payline, it replaces the other equivalent symbols on the payline.

Suppose you get on the first and second role, on the payline a Bar symbol and on the third role the Dancing Saturn symbol. (no matter where it falls), you will win the credits for the winning combination of three Bar symbols.

If you get three Saturn symbols on the payline and if you also play Max Bet, the cash register will win €2000. (equal to 10,000 points).

Have you become curious and do you think the Dancing Saturn classic slot machine is worth your while?

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