Baccarat Rules


Be sure to learn the Baccarat rules if you want to play Baccarat. At Loyal Casino this casino game, also known as “Punto Banco”, can currently only be played as live baccarat in the Live Casino. Before you decide to do this, we will first explain the rules of the game here on this page.

The goal of Baccarat is simple: to get as close as possible to the number nine with the chosen hand. First you will have to choose how much you are willing to bet and then you will have to choose from three different options.

These three options are: Player (Player), Bank (Banker) or Tie (Tie).

Bet on Player

If you opt for a bet on player, you assume that the player has the highest hand. If you opt for a bet on player and win, you will always be paid 100%. So, if you bet €5 on player and you win, you get paid another €5 in addition to your bet.

Bet on Banker

If you opt for a bet on banker, you assume that the bank will get a higher hand than the player. If you opt for a bet on banker and win, the bank will withhold 5% of your winnings. So, here with a €5 bet in addition to your bet, you get €4.95 back. Despite this percentage, it is still mathematically favourable to opt for the banker option.

Bet on Tie

A tie means that the value of the player’s hand and the bank will be equal. Different pay-out percentages are attached to this depending on the provider of the game. If you bet on tie, 9: 1 or 8: 1 will be paid depending on the casino, but the player will lose the house (casino) advantage during the bet.

After you have chosen one of the three options above, and have bet, the game can begin. Initially, the player and the banker receive two cards. According to the Baccarat rules, all images and cards with the number ten count as zero. A hand never gets more than three cards. After these cards have been dealt, the balance is drawn up and the person with the total number of cards obtained closest to the number nine wins.

The advantage of the house (casino) will vary per online casino, and also the number of decks of cards used during the game will influence this. This means that a casino with eight decks, compared to a casino with one deck, has a greater influence on the odds and the house. The lower the number of decks in a Baccarat game, the greater the house advantage over player and tie bets.

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