Football Scratch


How to Play Football Scratch

Football Scratch is a 2 panel instant win card with a variable stake value. 2 scratch panels per card, each player shirt number offers a different win value. Reveal the two player shirt numbers hidden behind the footballs in the top panel. Reveal the player shirt numbers hidden behind the shirts in the lower panel. If either or both match, win the prize amount displayed.

You can choose to use the Reveal All button, reveal each player shirt number independently, or swipe multiple shirts. Winnings will be credited to your account immediately. If you lose the game, you’ll lose your stake.

Set Your Stake

The stake value can be adjusted – just press the + or – signs on either side of the button to increase or decrease your stake. The stake value is shown on the central Play button.

Start The Game

To start the game, tap the Play button located centrally. This will then change to a Reveal All button. You can choose to reveal each ball by pressing on it. Or press the Reveal All button to do it automatically.

To Play

The top panel conceals two winning player shirt numbers. The bottom panel conceals 8 player shirt numbers. Match either or both of the winning player shirt numbers with a player shirt numbers in the panel below to win the amount displayed.

The following player positions are revealed with the shirt numbers: Keeper, Defender, Striker, Midfielder, Star Player. These are randomly selected by the RNG and do not correlate to the size of prize or the likelihood of winning.

In the event of a win (once the card is complete), the total win value from either or both player shirt numbers will be awarded and shown in an animation and added to your account balance.

If there is no win, the central button will change back to Play for you to buy another card.

Tapping the Play button will reset the card for a new game.

Prizes available

There are two chances to win on every scratchcard


The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 92%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

If you want to try something different than the usual table games, this scratch card is an nice alternative.

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