Ozzy Osbourne


When you play on the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine you will be taken into the world of Ozzy Osbourne. It gets interesting soon because this game has a high chance of winning. You can make nice profits and count on a lot of excitement!

The videoslot machine has 5 rolls with 15 symbols per turn. In this game you will see beautiful symbols on the reels and that quickly attracts your attention. Moreover, the background of the game is also very good.

The combinations that fall must always be complete in order to make a profit. You will always have to make sure that each combination shows at least 3 similar symbols.

Theme & Symbols

While playing the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine you can enjoy a beautifully crafted theme. Everything has to do with Ozzy Osbourne and you’ll see about it. You can enjoy an awesome theme that shows exactly what this man’s life looks like.

All symbols that can be found fit in well with the theme. This makes the theme of the slot machine very well worked out. If you rotate the roles of the game you will be able to rotate the singer-songwriter itself as a symbol. In addition, you can play anything that has to do with him and his life.

Of course, you can decide for yourself which bet you will use to rotate the reels. You don’t have to do anything in this, so you can always do it your way. Take a good look at your budget so that you don’t play with high stakes. A bet can be placed within the betting limits that are applied. This is a minimum of €0.20 per turn and a maximum of €100 per turn!

Ozzy Osbourne Bonus Features

Are you gonna take a chance on the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine? Then you may come across special symbols while rotating the reels. These are the additional features of the game.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol has a replacement function. Here he can replace all symbol types of the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine. The chance of winning can also be increased immediately. Do you play an interrupted combination with a Wild symbol? Then the Wild symbol will replace the wrong symbol type. In this way, the interrupted combination is completed. You as a player will receive a profit.

Scatter symbols and free spins

With the Scatter symbol you can win free spins. This can quickly increase the tension. You can also win for free. Of course you don’t want to avoid that!

Rating Ozzy Osbourne

The videoslot has a very nice theme. That won’t go unnoticed when you start playing. When you play this game, you’ll see that Netent has worked out the theme down to the smallest details. So you can enjoy this to the fullest when you take a chance. This game also brings a lot of excitement because of everything there is to experience.

Positive points

  • Each player has a chance to win great cash prizes at the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine.
  • Broad deployment limits are applied. That makes the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine easily accessible.

Negative points

  • The background should have been less crowded because of all the small pictures and black and white shades.

Of the last videoslots of NetEnt with the theme of a famous person we find Ozzy Osbourne one of the lesser. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Ozzy then it’s definitely worth playing this slot machine once.

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