Planet of the Apes Slot


Planet of the Apes is the title and a slot machine based on the two well-known films; Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. During the game, you as a player are taken on a journey between the two different phases in the life of the leader Caesar.

This video slot machine contains two playing fields Rise and Dawn, each with 5-rolls, 3-row and 20 paylines. There are several extras such as the Rise and Dawn Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Wild symbols, a stacked Wild function, a dual symbol function and the Rise and Dawn bonus function.

With the two playing fields, the game combines elements from both movies with this gives an extra dimension to the Planet of the Apes experience that you get while playing. If you are a fan of these films, you will love this online slot machine too!

Planet of the Apes Bonuses

An overview of the different bonuses and extras on the Planet of the Apes slot machine:

Double symbols
A completely new payment mechanism has been created, which can occur randomly on any one with a profit potential of up to 200,000 points or 1000 times your bet. A different symbol is selected for each roll (excluding the Wild and Scatter symbols). A re-spin starts with only the two selected symbols, the rest of the reels are blank spaces. If a symbol lands in its corresponding state of play when the reels stop, they remain standing.

If a symbol lands in the other playing field, it is transferred to the correct playing field in the corresponding position. If at least one new symbol appears in the corresponding playing field, the game rotates again as long as new symbols land. The winnings are added up and paid once this bonus feature has been completed.

Stacked Wilds
A full stack of Wilds in one turn in the Rise game board activates this function. This stack of Wilds is copied to the same position in the Dawn area. This is one of the moments when this slot machine has a super profit potential. Maximum payout is 1200 times your bet when five full reels are on Wilds.

Rise Playfield
In the Rise playfield there are the Rise bonus feature and the Rise Free Spins feature, where you can collectively win up to 120,000 points or get 600 times your bet. The bonus function is activated by symbols in a row 1 countries in the Rise playfield. An additional dot is assigned for each human and monkey symbol displayed on the screen (except for the scatter symbol).
Ten free spins are awarded when three or more Rise Scatter symbols appear in a single turn anywhere on the Rise playing field.

During this function, only the Rise screen is active, and the number of Wild symbols collected at each turn is displayed to the right of the screen. At the last spin, after the reels stop spinning, but before the winnings are evaluated, all collected Wild symbols are randomly placed on the playing field and the total winnings are evaluated.

Dawn Playing field
Now much more exciting are the two bonuses in the Dawn area, as they can pay out the maximum payout of up to 600,000 points or 3000 times your bet. First there’s the Dawn bonus feature. This is activated when the Dawn bonus symbols on reel five land in the Dawn playing field. All human and monkey symbols change into the same symbol. Maximum profit in this bonus is 240,000 points.
Fifteen free spins are awarded when three or more Dawn scatter symbols fall anywhere on the Dawn playing field in one turn.

During this function, only the Dawn playing area is active with 3 different collection symbols that each activate a corresponding meter; the Multiplier, the Extra Wild and the Extra Free Spins. Collect three symbols to fill one of these meters and is rewarded with a series of extras on each level: The Multiplier rises to 5x, the human symbols change to Wild symbols and there are 3 additional free spins to earn. Maximum winnings are as high as 600,000 points if you have the maximum multiplier and the whole screen is full of Wild and Monkey symbols.

Planet of the Apes is probably one of the most innovative video slots available today. The beautiful graphics and animations combined with the exciting original movie soundtrack, makes playing on this slot really a unique experience.

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