Reel Keeper


Thinking of trying out some new slots games? Then one that might pique your interest is that of Reel Keeper. This has become a very popular choice many people, giving them a fantasy-themed game with a very interesting layout and style.

Without doubt, it would make a fine choice for most gamers looking for something a little different. What’s the deal, though? What makes Reel Keeper such a good choice?

Basic slot information

The main thing to note about Reel Keeper is that it gives you a chance to play a highly impressive 5×3 slots game. With 10 win lines and free spins to pick up as you play, too, this offers ample opportunity for you to really engage with a slots game that differs from the rest.

The game is like many videoslots games in that it has a lot of interesting side-rounds that you can take part in. For example, the Dragon wild reels, once triggered, will b e able to see the dragon take off into the sky. It’s a fun and engaging fantasy adventure with a bit of story and lore thrown in to create a much more rounded and satisfying experience overall.

It’s also quite a volatile game, with the chance to win as much as 6,000x your stake when you start playing. Given it’s a brand new slots game, too, there are already some impressive stories about people pulling some wins out of the hat with this particular game.

Reel Keeper Potential winnings

As noted above, potential winnings here can be pretty impressive indeed. You have the chance to win as high as 6,000x your stake. This means that you have a chance to win some pretty impressive sums of money so long as you don’t go for the minimum bet every time.

However, even on the lowest amount that you could win with, you could still make some pretty impressive returns on your investment. Without doubt, this slots game is one of the most interesting around – it’s unique, engaging, and has a pretty interesting knack of delivering on its side games when you start playing.

If you are looking for an online slots game to try out that has a pretty interesting amount of personality, this is definitely a casino game worth trying out. It’s a classic slots game in some senses, but it’s modern design and its usage of side games ensures that this is almost certainly one of the most satisfying slots game out there to try.

It’s brand new, too, so you might be able to become the lucky soul who manages to escape the den of the dragon with one of those life-changing prizes at the very top!

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