Random Winner


The Random Winner slot machine is one of the top of the online classic slots in the assortment of Loyal Casino. A slot machine with style and allure that combines classic and modern.

Formerly known as Random Runner, this slot is one of the most famous and favorite slot machines ever. This six reels slot machine has a basic game and an overgame. With the 5 winlines in the topgame you can make a super profit in one go.

It is the intention to rotate 3 equal symbols on the reels. These symbols must appear in a single row. This is a real classic with fruit symbols as you see them in the slot machines in the cafe or snack bar. The advantage of playing at Loyal Casino, however, is that you don’t have to go out at all.

Random Winner Jackpot

Each time you run the reels of the Random Winner, there is a chance that the Super Jackpot will fall. The jackpot is purely random at that moment, no matter if the player who gets it has played much or little. The combination on the payline is also irrelevant. So you automatically play for the casino’s Super Jackpot of more than €100,000. The Super Jackpot also offers smaller jackpot prizes of €1,000. These prices are completely random.

The credits won are added to the credit meter or to the winbank. The credit meter is used for the basic game, the Winbank for the topgame. If the cherry symbol falls on the first roll, you will receive two credits. You can move your credits from one meter to another meter. Alternate between the basic and upper game. That’s always the best strategy. The slot machine has no limit for the Creditmeter or the Winbank.

The basic game of Random Winner

The basic game of the Random Winner counts 1 payline. The bonus game has 5 winning lines. It is therefore best to play the bonus game, because once in the bonus game, your chances of winning increase considerably. You can’t determine which lines you’re playing with. You always bet one hundred percent. It’s automatic. So you play “max bet” on the slot machine. The wine lines run from left to right and from top to bottom. This gives you a total of 5 ways to get 3 equal symbols in a row.

Betting with credits

Random Winner works with so-called credits. That means that one spin stands for one credit. A credit is worth 20 cents. Both players who want to bet high and players who want to start quietly can play on this slot machine. At Loyal Casino you also have the opportunity to play for free and discover the game. For new players, this is always a good way to find out if the game is right for you.

Setting options and strategy

Playing Random Winner for money is a good choice if you want to add some extra excitement to your gaming experience. Create an account at Loyal Casino and enjoy the wide range of games offered by the online casino. As mentioned before, in the basic game of the Random Winner slot machine you play with only 1 payline. This is the middle winning line of Random Winner that runs horizontally over the slot machine. When you rotate the crown symbol, you can also win a criss-cross.

With the start button you start playing on the slot machine. The slot machine’s settings allow you to lock certain rolls for a round. This can be done, for example, if you already have 2 equal symbols on the reels. That way, your chances of a winning combination increase. The Random winner also automatically fixes some combinations. By pressing ‘recovery’ you can release the rolls and turn them again.

When you have played a winning combination, your points are displayed in the box that holds your score. Now choose the button ‘take win’ or ‘go to club’. If you choose the ‘take win’ button, you will be paid out. At Loyal Casino, the money is always quickly deposited into your account. If you choose the button ‘to club’ then the bonus game will start. The points you have obtained in the basic game – if 200 points or more – are automatically added to your score.

The bonus game

The three top reels of the slot machine are wagered when you play in the bonus game of the slot machine. At 4 or more points you can play in the upper part of the slot machine. As a rule, we can say that playing in this bonus round will always result in a higher chance of winning.

It’s up to you as a player to choose whether you want to play in the bonus game or whether you want to continue playing in the basic game. So you use your points to get into the bonus game. If you lose these points again, you will of course return to the basic game.

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