Twin Spin – an Easy to Play Slot Machine


Twin Spin is a slot machine from the developer NetEnt who made the whole slot machine around one special feature. In fact, there isn’t more than this feature while playing Twin Spin, but this extra feature has made sure that you don’t even search for free spins or the bonus game while you’re playing.

The maximum profit in Twin Spin is no less than 270,000 coins and thanks to the recurring feature the chance of winning is real. In fact, the special feature comes with every spin you do while playing!

How do you play Twin Spin?

Twin Spin is a slot machine that looks a lot like the slot machines of yesteryear. The setup of the slot machine has been kept very simple, there are five wheels and three rows, there is no bonus game and there are no free spins to be found here. The animations on the wheels will undoubtedly remind you of the classic slot machines. There are many standard slot machine symbols used, the nine to the bait are used.

Besides these animations you will find the BAR symbol, the sieves, cherries, the bell, the diamond and of course also a wild symbol. Since there is no scatter in the slot machine, this wild symbol can literally replace any symbols that may appear on the wheels. The slot machine features a retro music and fun sound effects that brighten up the slot machine in the background. But what it’s all about is the one feature behind the slot machine.

The special feature in Twin Spin

While playing Twin Spin you will notice that two wheels will rotate in the same way. They will also stop with similar symbols. That’s where the name of the slot machine comes from: At least two wheels are identical. When spinning, pay attention to the luminous balls between the wheels. You can immediately see if more wheels are going to be used with the special feature. Each spin is at least two wheels identical, but with a bit of luck they can become more.

So it often happens that three wheels are identical, occasionally there are four, and very rarely does it happen that five wheels do the same thing. If the wheels are duplicated on the left side of the slot machine, the chance of winning is maximum. In fact, when three wheels copy each other from the first wheel, you always have profit.

Jackpot and paylines

The odds of winning are slightly higher when playing Twin Spin, especially when the wheels work in your favour. It has to be said that the slot machine also helps a lot in that respect. There are 243 ways to win, so no fixed winning lines are used and that is an advantage when playing this slot machine. This way, the winnings increase just that little bit faster with the special function in the background while playing.

With Twin Spin, Net Entertainment has clearly opted for an easy to play slot machine that can also be played directly on all mobile devices. It is a slot machine that can be found in all the better online casinos, including of course the mobile versions.

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